0311-Nordic red sandalwood

Home is not only the refuge of the body, but also the habitat of the soul. Building a habitat for the soul to relax is the core of the home. "Home" is a word that warms the heart. The decorative style of the home also affects the change of mood.


cansidFour big advantage

1、Production Advantage

Strict and standardized production process and process, interlocking, layer by layer quality control system;

Unique production process and strict and demanding raw material procurement system.

The company has a dedicated storage site as a natural health preservation of wood, which will be recycled in a few months. Every link should strive for excellence to ensure the stability of product quality.

The paint film has good hardness, fresh colors, good weather resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-oxidation ability.

2、Quality advantage

The company unifies the idea from top to bottom, from the general manager to every employee, treat every product as their own household mentality, and strictly control the quality of products;

3、Service Advantage

There are strict quality inspection departments, from design to production process supervision;

All problems should be solved on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, understanding and tolerance, and timely and reasonable transposition thinking. Respond to customer's needs 24 hours a day and at any time to solve your problems.

Each dealer has professional customer service and regional manager to provide you with intimate service.

4、Characteristic Advantage

Some products and processes are in the leading position in the country. They are mature manufacturers with innovative advantages, unique characteristics and representative in the same industry.

Through personalized customization, specialized skills and refined combination, it perfectly combines originality and practicability to meet the needs of customers with high quality.

Exclusively develop new styles and new colors, take their own way of specialization and differentiation, so as to avoid assimilation competition;

5、Filling advantage

Changshida Mumen, put an end to horse manure paper.

Full-solid filling of pine wood can make your life more comfortable.

Pine solid + fire core cost performance is higher.

6、Investment Advantage

Franchisors operate on an unlimited scale, order by selling, simple and flexible;

The support of monopoly stores is strong: all the samples are returned, all the advertising fees are returned, and all the decoration fees are returned.

7、Regional distribution advantage

Protect the interests of agents and consumers, implement the "regional protection policy", adopt the "franchise" model, assist the agent market expansion, support new and small businesses to join, and improve performance;

8、branded advantages

Changshida is pragmatic and innovative, pays attention to word of mouth, has gradually become a good brand in the hearts of ordinary people, and has won a number of corporate and brand certificates;


Health, environmental protection, stable quality and novel style

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Joining process
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  • - 05 -Skills training
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Cansid · Franchise store display

Several affiliate stores, your success is tomorrow

Cansid · Your healthy life

Because of the quality, it is deeply loved by consumers.

My health door

According to market trends, we can continue to create explosive products that meet market demand, lead the market in new directions, create healthy doors, and mute doors.

German craftsmanship

Strictly regulated production processes and processes, quality systems that are interlocking and layer-by-layer;
Unique production processes and strict, demanding raw material procurement systems.

Innovative design, winning the market

The introduction of advanced concepts at home and abroad, continuous innovation of styles and colors, diversified development of series products, focusing on the development of products suitable for young people, taking into account other levels, as well as engineering products in various industries. Some products and processes are in the leading sequence in the country, and are mature manufacturers with unique advantages, unique features and representativeness in the same industry;

Smart manufacturing, enjoy life

The company has an exclusive storage site for natural health in the wood and is recycled after a few months. Every step is to achieve excellence and ensure product quality stability;


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Dealers enjoy six major interests

The eight rights
Enjoy Cansid wooden doors in the region's management rights and exclusive stores to enjoy regional exclusive rights
Rights to distribute a wide range of products from Cansid Doors
Personnel training, full set of materials, store image and representative products are provided by Cansid Wood Marketing.
In the form of a specialty store, you can enjoy various preferential policies of the company.
Cansid Wood Door Marketing Company officially authorizes the agency of the agent or dealer (issuing the power of attorney)
After the expiration of the contract, the agent or distribution contract can be renewed on the basis of mutual recognition, and under the same conditions, the right to renewal is granted.

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