Changshida Door Industry Shares How to Select Korean Mosaic Doors
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There are many Korean wooden door products in the market. Many manufacturers call many low-end doors as splicing doors, which leads to a big price gap between the price of splicing doors. What should consumers pay attention to when buying? What points should we pay attention to?
1. Segmentation of Korean Wooden Doors and Fans
High quality Korean stitching doors and fans do not appear to have impurities, paint stripping phenomenon. Eyes look almost no gap, and have a strong sense of hierarchy, the overall look, a strong sense of three-dimensional. Check out whether it is a high-end Korean wooden door from the details can be seen.
2. Surface treatment of Korean wooden doors
High-quality Korean wood door material has clear grain, bright color and good wear resistance. Conversely, it is known that the texture is blurred and dull, and the surface treatment is particularly rough. Consumers can wipe the surface with wet towels to see if it will fade or paint off. That is, Korean wooden doors belong to the low end. It is recommended not to buy them, and the price is certainly very low.
3. Korean Wooden Door Sleeve
Korean wooden door sleeve is also divided into many materials, the better is the solid wood special-shaped covered door sleeve, followed by PVC spray sleeve. Covered door sleeve has the best durability, strong reliability and wear resistance, while PVC door sleeve is more economical and applicable.
4. Korean wooden door detail components
Korean assembled wooden doors have good material, thick and full sealing strip is the guarantee of sound insulation of indoor doors. It can also make Korean wooden doors have longer service life. Do not buy small workshop products with rough workmanship!
5. Korean wooden door cover
Korean-style assembled wooden door cover to see what you need to configure a multi-layer plate door cover, solid wood door cover, and density plate door cover, better double-sided have done moisture-proof, anti-corrosion measures of the best solid wood door cover.