Correct maintenance of indoor doors
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The indoor door is like a guard of our homeland. In order to keep the indoor door fresh and lasting, the usual maintenance is also very important. Correct maintenance methods can prolong the service life of indoor doors. Here are some tips for your maintenance.
How to Clean the Door Plate
Clean and bright door panels will make the interior doors in the house look bright. Soft and dry cotton cloth can be used for daily cleaning of door panels. Wipe the surface with a hard or hard medium (e.g. with dust). If there is serious stain on the door panel of the inner door, use a neutral cleaner or a special cleaner for furniture. First clean it, then dry clean it. Never rinse with clean water; if the door board is made of resin or metal, and the slight scratches on its surface can be removed, a small amount of toothpaste can be dipped in soft cloth for repeated wiping; if the door board is made of wood or baking varnish, regular waxing is an effective way to keep the surface bright, while glass or resin board does not need waxing.