Eco-door manufacturer-what kind of door to choose for home decoration
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Ecological wooden door: ecological wooden door is favored by middle-income families because its price is more economical and convenient than solid wooden door, and it is safe and convenient. Eco-wood door is made of two pieces of high-density fibre moulded door skin with modelling and imitation wood grain by mechanical pressing. The panel of the ecological wooden door keeps the decorative effect of natural wood texture, and can also be used for panel patchwork, which is both beautiful, environmental friendly and economical. The ecological wooden door also has the characteristics of moisture-proof, small expansion coefficient, anti-deformation and environmental protection. After using for a period of time, there will be no surface cracking and oxidation discoloration.
Solid wood composite doors: The core of solid wood composite doors is mostly bonded with pine, Chinese fir or imported filling materials, and externally bonded with density boards and solid wood bark. It is made by hot pressing at high temperature and sealed with solid wood lines. Generally high-grade solid wood composite door, its core is mostly high-quality shirt wood, the surface is solid wood veneer. Because of its low density, light weight and easy control of moisture content, the finished door is lighter in weight and is not easy to deform and crack. In addition, solid wood composite doors also have the characteristics of thermal insulation, impact resistance, flame retardant, and sound insulation effect is basically the same as solid wood doors, the price is lower than log doors, but the grade is not worse than log doors, so it is more suitable for public consumption.
Log doors: Log doors are made of natural logs from forests, which are dried and processed scientifically through cutting, shaving, tenoning, drilling, high-speed milling and other processes. Log doors are mostly made of precious timber, such as cherry, walnut, teak, etc. After processing, the finished doors have the characteristics of no distortion, corrosion resistance and heat insulation. At the same time, solid wood doors play an effective role in sound insulation because of their good sound absorption. However, log doors are prone to cracking due to changes in weather and humidity, so log doors need a long-term maintenance. Log door price is relatively high, suitable for high-end villa decoration.
Xiaobian Summary: The above three kinds of doors are popular wooden doors in the current market. You can choose them according to your own home decoration needs. No matter which kind of doors Xiaobian reminds you here, the most important thing is to choose a regular wooden door manufacturer and a guaranteed wooden door brand. Never choose wooden doors made by small workshops, because the quality is not guaranteed and there is no way to complain when quality problems occur later.