Eco-door manufacturer tells you the maintenance of Eco-door
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Changshida Door Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of environmental protection paint reinforced doors, Korean stitching wood doors, German solid wood stitching doors, healthy ecological doors and other advanced indoor suites.
Eco-door is the leading direction of future door market development. It mainly embodies the concept of energy-saving and environmental protection, and carries out the practice of this concept. Because of its characteristics of using materials, the performance of eco-door is far inferior to that of wooden door and Steel-wood door. Therefore, in the process of using eco-door, it needs careful care to ensure its long service life and stable performance. What about the daily maintenance of indoor eco-doors?
Eco-doors will last a long time under proper maintenance. The correct approach is as follows:
1. Eco-doors prevent indoor doors from being immersed in water for a long time, especially at the lower end of the door jacket. At present, for the problem of moisture-proof, many manufacturer's finished indoor doors have done well, and their waterproof performance has been greatly improved. For example, many manufacturer have added moisture-proof plates, so that the problem of moisture-proof indoor doors has been further solved, so that the bottom of kitchen and toilet doors are not afraid of water accumulation.
2. Eco-door keeps the surface cleanliness of the eco-indoor door. It can be cleaned once a month, so as to keep the gloss of the whole door as bright as new forever. Maintain and remove the stains on the wooden door surface, wipe with soft cotton cloth, and scratch the surface with hard parts easily. When the stain is too heavy, you can use neutral lotion, toothpaste or furniture cleaning agent, after removing the stain, dry wipe with cotton cloth. Eco-doors prevent strong knocking on the door frame and the surface of the door.
3. The hinges and locks are movable accessories. When loosening occurs, they should be tightened immediately. The sound of the hinges should be noticed in time. When the locks are opened, they are not flexible enough to add proper amount of pencil foam to the keys. They should not be oiled casually, because the oil is easy to absorb ash, and it will only make the other locks more inconvenient to open.
4. Protection of Eco-doors and leather doors: Clean the leather surface with high-grade leather cleaning liquid (such as Billy Pearl), spray it lightly with high-grade brightener, remember to dip in water, and avoid contact with acid and alkali to avoid damaging the leather surface.