How to prevent deformation of reinforced door?
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Strengthened door is a very popular category nowadays. With the continuous development of society, people have a lot of demands for the basic choice of categories, and the demand for the style of indoor door is becoming more and more important. Enhanced doors are a good choice. Many consumers say wooden doors are afraid of deformation. So how to better prevent the deformation of wooden doors? Strengthen the door manufacturer to say simply.
Ways to Prevent Deformation of Reinforced Doors
If the door cover is deformed, the solution is relatively simple, removal and reinstallation can be done; if the door fan is deformed, professional woodworkers need to adjust the reserved door seam and hinge, and increase the seam. Generally speaking, the seam under the door should remain 8-12 mm, leaving too little will lead to wet expansion and falling of the wooden door in summer, resulting in difficulty in opening and closing; the seam on the one side of the hinge should remain 2 mm; the seam on the other side of the lock should be left 3 mm. 。
Do a good job of moistureproof work, usually appropriate use of protective wax or special cleaner, evenly coated on the surface of wooden doors, gently wipe, to maintain the gloss of wooden doors, and play a certain moistureproof effect.
Don't wipe the door with wet cloth. In wet and hot summer, try not to wipe the wooden door with wet cloth to avoid aggravating the damp condition. Usually, we can put some Hygroscopical articles near the door, open windows properly or use the air conditioning function to ventilate the damp air in the room.
Green planting is far away from wooden doors. Green planting can adjust air humidity. It is better to keep green planting away from wooden doors in summer so as to avoid increasing air humidity and affecting water content of wooden doors. In addition, green planting can not be placed on the floor. Otherwise, when watering, the floor will foam and affect the opening and closing of wooden doors.
Strengthened door is a very good choice. There are many requirements for strengthening doors in life, so it is necessary to understand and select them reasonably. The above-mentioned simple description of the strengthening door to prevent deformation. Interested welcome to inquire.