Why do wooden doors have color difference?
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Do you have color difference when you buy Wooden doors? Ecological door manufacturer changshida door industry tells you why!
Natural causes
It is a common phenomenon that the color difference exists in wooden doors. Because of the difference of soil conditions under climate change, the color of different parts is naturally formed in the growth process of wooden doors. Even for the same tree, the door made from the place near the root and the center of the tree is dark in color; the door made from the place near the top and bark is light in color. Therefore, between the wooden door and the sample, between the same batch of wooden doors, the color can not be completely consistent, some color differences are normal, even if redo, it can not guarantee complete consistency.
Paint reason
In fact, the painted wood door products have "color difference" with the original wood. The unpainted wood door products have been put in the air for a long time because of gradual oxidation and unconsciously "color shift". In addition, because of the different thickness of bark, heat treatment process and source, the color difference and texture of wood are more different.
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