Mistakespurchasing wooden doors
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In fact, many friends will fall into a misunderstanding when they buy Wooden doors. Today, the factory of strengthening doors will tell you about the problem that most people will encounter.
When buying wooden doors, consumers can only see the surface of the doors, and their internal quality can not be judged. Even experts, it is sometimes difficult to judge the interior of log doors only by observing their appearance. Consumers are advised not only to make the price cheaper, but also to neglect the intrinsic quality of products. The environmental performance of doors is crucial. Instead of buying cheap solid wood composite doors, consumers should choose expensive paint-free doors, so that the environmental protection performance is more guaranteed. Chinese people tend to love real wood products very much, but ignore the natural properties of wood. Solid wood doors are not stable, and are more likely to produce deformation, mortise joint fission and surface cracking than other types of doors. In fact, the performance of solid wood composite doors with good environmental protection performance is not worse than that of solid wood doors, even the stability will be better than that of solid wood doors.
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